BookTube Tag: 25 Bookish Facts About Me

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I started watching videos on Booktube very recently but I’m already totally enamored of Booktube tags. One of my recent faves is the “25 Bookish Facts About Me” tag, which I first saw on Lauren and the Books. So I thought I’d just go ahead and tag myself. (I’m pretty sure that’s not how this works but, hey, it’s my blog, dagnabit.) Feel free to share some bookish facts about yourself in the comments.

Peace and books,
The Dollar Reader

  1. I really hate not reading series sequentially, but I rarely read them consecutively.
  2. I don’t have a favorite author but the author by whom I’ve read the most books is Stephen King. (I’ve read 20-25 of his books.)
  3. I have absolutely no preference between paper books and digital.
  4. I used to read multiple books concurrently but I stopped doing that years ago. The most books I’ve read at one time is four.
  5. I like to read book reviews after I’ve read the book to see how other readers’ opinions differed from my own.
  6. I don’t mind reading books written in another era but I’m not a fan of present day books set in other eras. (I know, it’s weird.)
  7. My favorite place to buy books is Dollar Tree hence, the name of my blog.
  8. I read my first Nora Roberts book last year and now I’m a fan.
  9. I’ve been trying for years to get into YA and, so far, I just can’t.
  10. I have zero desire to write fiction.
  11. I started shopping at used book sales last year and now I am positively addicted to them.
  12. My favorite color is purple because of the Unicorns in the Sweet Valley Twins series.
  13. I’m still trying to get myself into the habit of using bookmarks. I prefer to dog ear.
  14. The most influential factor in my decision to read a book is still the back cover copy. Reviews have little influence on my book reading and the cover image has no influence at all.
  15. The first book I can remember reading was Puss in Boots.
  16. I don’t do audiobooks. I’ve tried. It’s just not my thing.
  17. I’ve DNFed three books so far this year: The City & The City by China Mieville, The Magicians by Lev Grossman, and Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson. I still plan to read one of them.
  18. Not finishing books drives me crazy. I’m still haunted by the ghosts of DNFs past.
  19. I think The Princess Bride movie is way better than the book.
  20. If you ever hear me saying that I’m trying to buy less books, I’m lying. I really just can’t stop myself.
  21. I truly hope to one day be able to read books in a language other than English. That’s something I’ll be working on over the next few years. #itsnevertoolate
  22. I very rarely read nonfiction. I feel like I should work on that but…meh.
  23. I used to re-read books all the time. Now I feel like I have so many books to read that re-reading one would be a waste of time.
  24. I stopped reading books in the bathtub after I dropped a library book in the water.
  25. I currently have three library cards: one from my township, one from my county, and one from out of state.

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