How I Find Cheap E-books on Amazon in 5 Easy Steps

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Wherein I give away a trade secret…

Amazon does not make it easy for you to find book deals, which I totally get. It’s not in their financial interests to enable readers to seek out only the least expensive books. But if you don’t mind taking the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race approach, you can use this mini-hack to make the Amazon search cough up some good deals.

1. First, you need to do a little recon. Choose a book on Amazon, any book. Perhaps one you really liked, or one you would like to read. Once you’re on the page for the book, scroll down past the reviews to the “Product Details.” The detail you’re looking for is the name of the publisher. Ctrl+C to copy the publisher’s name.

amazon book product details

Product Details for “The Good Girl” by Mary Kubica

2. Go to the “Shop by Department” drop down menu on the left side of the page and choose “Books & Audible”  –> “Kindle Books”

Amazon Shop by Department drop down menu

Choose “Kindle Books”

3. Choose the “Advanced Search” option from the navigation bar.

Advanced Search option on amazon navigation bar

Choose “Advanced Search”

4. Paste the publisher’s name into the search box labeled “Publisher.” Don’t change any of the other options. Click the “Search” button. This will give you a list of all the books for sale published by a particular publishing imprint, in this case, Harlequin MIRA.

Amazon Advanced Search screen

Search for books by publisher.

5. Lastly, you want to sort your resulting list by price, low-to-high.

Sort list by price

Sort by price.

Here are my results. I’ve also chosen to view the results as a grid view rather than a list so more books could be seen on the screen at one time. There are books by Carla Neggers, Jennifer Armintrout, Debbie Macomber, and Brenda Novak all available from 99 cents to $1.99.

search results

search results

What you’ll typically find are a lot of older titles by best-selling authors. Long time fans of these authors can get caught up on any titles they’ve missed. And new readers can try out an author at minimal cost. You’ll also find new novellas and short stories by popular authors, some that are set in the world of their most popular titles, and some that are completely original.

Not all publishers offer such low prices so you’ll have to keep plugging names into the search to see what you can find. But there’s more than enough out there available at bargain prices to keep one swimming in books.

Or if all of this seems like too much bother, just follow me on twitter at @dollarreads where I tweet the Amazon deals that I find.


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