10 Bookish Things You Can Find at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree logo

Wherein a good deal can be found…

I am not at all embarrassed to admit that the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. One, you never know what you’re going to find. Two, they’re everywhere so it’s always convenient to get to one. Three, I love a good deal. And if you’re an avid reader like myself, Dollar Tree stores are a great way to indulge your bookish tendencies without breaking the bank. Here are ten awesomely bookish things you can find at the Dollar Tree.

1. Books

Stack of five books on a table.

Books that can purchased at Dollar Tree for One Dollar.

Okay, that one was a gimme. But, seriously, you need to check them out. They have paperbacks and hardcovers, fiction and nonfiction, and a bunch of best-selling authors. The selection is pretty random but I always find something I can’t wait to read.

2. Book marks

Four books, each with a pretty book mark.

Four book marks I found at Dollar Tree.

I’m still trying to get myself in to habit of using book marks regularly. But I found some at the Dollar Tree that are too lovely not to use.

3. Reading light

Book light that clips to your book.

Book light

You might be dubious about buying anything electronic at the Dollar Tree but I’ve bought one of these and they work great. You can clip them to your book or your e-reader case and have just enough light to read comfortably without disturbing anyone around you. For One Dollar, why not?

4. Tote bags

Floral tote bag.

FYI, those books are not from Dollar Tree.

The Dollar Tree has the cutest little tote bags. They’re the perfect size for carrying your books and the designs usually change seasonally so be sure to check often if you’re looking for a particular color.

5. Sticky notes

A selection of sticky notes

Sticky notes

I’m not usually one to take notes while I’m reading, but a lot of people do. But even the most meticulous note takers usually don’t like to write in the margins of their books. Luckily, you can find sticky notes in all shapes, sizes, and colors at the Dollar Tree.

6. Book Storage

Soft container with books.

Soft container. (Books not from Dollar Tree.)

These fold-able soft containers hold a surprising number of books. They come in array of colors and designs, and you can even buy them in bulk at http://www.dollartree.com. They’re great if you’ve bought so many books recently that you have to start hiding them under your bed. (Not that I know anyone like that…)

7. Candles

Candle in a teacup.

A good book deserves a little atmosphere when reading.

For some reason, the Dollar Tree actually has a huge selection of candles. Many, like the cute little tea cup candle above, are scented. I think it’s nice to make your reading time a little special by adding a little ambiance.

8. Book Plates

Open book with book plate.

Homemade book plate

Okay, technically, these aren’t book plates, they’re labels. But they’re certainly pretty enough to use to personalize your books. Root around your local Dollar Tree’s office supply section and see what you can find.

9. Word Wall Art

Wall art with inspirational quotes.

Not bad for One Dollar

These inspirational wall stickers are a great way to make your personal space reflect your love of words. And they’re removable, so you can easily change the sentiment expressed to suit your mood.

10. Notebooks

Three composition notebooks


I’ve always been a fan of composition notebooks. The hard covers mean they tough enough to toss in a backpack without taking too much damage. They also happen to make terrific reading journals. And they’re so pretty!

As you can see, Dollar Tree has a lot to offer, especially to readers on a budget. It’s no wonder this store is pretty much my go-to spot for all my bookish needs.


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