On Bookmarks

book with purple string bookmark sticking out of it

This bookmark used to have a pretty purple pendant with my initial. It fell off two days after I bought the bookmark.

Wherein I have a love/hate relationship…

I have always been a bit bookmark challenged. Sometimes my bookmarks become dislodged from my books and I lose my page. Sometimes I just lose misplace the bookmark. Once, I dropped both book and mark on to a New York City subway track. Eventually I just gave up on bookmarks completely.

Whereas bookmarks can be expensive to buy and bothersome to use, dog-earing is convenient, simple, and effective. For years I have doggedly dog-eared my books, without compunction (and in spite of my mother’s vocal disapproval.) I don’t even notice the handful of creased pages scattered throughout the book. Not until, that is, I’m preparing to pass my books on to someone else. Once a book is slated for lending or donation I become hyper-aware of every flaw and defect — including those previously innocuous little dog-eared flaps.

Since I’m making an effort to donate more of my books, I’ve decided it’s time to give using bookmarks another shot. But old habits die hard, so I figure I’ll need to make this as easy on myself as possible. My bookmarks will have to be cheap enough that I’ll buy them and pretty enough that I’ll use them. To that end, may I present these little lovelies:

Dragonfly, butterfly, peacock and flower bookmarks

Four bookmarks from The Dollar Tree.

I picked these up at The Dollar Tree while shopping for Dollar Read$. And they each cost…wait for it…One Dollar. At that price I can afford to pick up enough of them to compensate for my tendency to, um, misplace my bookmarks. (But I’ll be working really hard to not, um, misplace them in the first place.) And these bookmarks offer the added benefit of gripping to a book ever so securely, so they’re unlikely to fall out.

I kinda love them.

The plan is to make using bookmarks a deeply ingrained habit by the end of the Dollar Read$ Challenge. Piece of cake, right? Right…


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