Dollar Book Haul #2

Five books on a table

Total cost: $2.45 (+tax)

Wherein each book costs LESS THAN ONE DOLLLAR…

I love donating my books when I’m done with them. It’s great to know that books I’ve read and enjoyed will make their way to new homes where they will be read and enjoyed by others. Luckily for me, I’m not the only reader who feels this way. That charitable instinct can turn a place like The Good Will Store, where I went this week, into a veritable treasure trove for the frugal reader.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, Anchor Books, 2006, edition
List Price: $7.99

Yes, I’ve seen the movie, yes, I thought it was hella funny, and yes, I’ve long been meaning to read the book. Even moreso after a recent re-watching on cable. I just don’t want to read it enough to pay full retail. So Prada was relegated to my, “Nice, but maybe later” -list. Until this week, when I picked it up for a steal.

The Forever War by Joe Halderman, Eos, 1991 edition
List Price: $6.99

The Forever War is clearly a very highly regarded science fiction novel. I’ve come across this title time and again on numerous “best of” lists. Since reading Old Man’s War by John Scalzi about four years ago, to which Forever War is often compared, I’ve been even more keenly interested in this book. Honestly, finding this book this week was like getting a belated birthday present: unexpected and greatly appreciated.

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk, Anchor Books, 2005
List Price: $15.95

Palahniuk is a name I’ve seen kicking around the internet for a while, but I’ve never sought out any of his books. But if I’m to judge by the movie Fight Club, which is based on a Palahniuk novel, I expect to be entertained and appalled in equal measure. I can live with that.

The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum, Bantam Books, 1980 edition
List Price: $7.50

I picked up a copy of The Bourne Identity in an airport many years ago. I didn’t particularly enjoy reading it. Trust me, Bourne is way cooler in the movie. But I’m still willing to sample some of this author’s not-Bourne related fare. I mean, I figure at some point in the next year I’ll be bored enough to read this book.

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, Ballantine Books, 1982 edition
List Price: $6.99

I picked up this book out of sheer nostalgia. As I kid, I remember my sister having had this book assigned to her for summer reading and she made it seem about as much fun as having dental surgery. Lo these many years later I’m curious to see I find this story as odious as my sister clearly did.


Total list price for these five books: $45.42

Total purchase price: $2.45 (+sales tax)

Total savings: $42.97 or 94.6% !!


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