Snagging Dollar Read$ on Twitter

book with at sign on cover

Wherein social media ain’t so bad…

When it comes to finding books on Twitter, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Or, at least, who you follow. Between publishers, authors, and book bloggers, there are a ton of people on Twitter who can point you in the direction of a deal. And there are at least a couple of ways a friendly follow can get you a good book @ a great price.

One way is The Sure Thing. A lot of people on Twitter will very helpfully direct readers to books available for purchase, several of which can be had for a mere 99 cents. Case in point, today I downloaded ebook Her Fallen Protector, by Nichole Severn, which I learned was on sale for 99 cents via a tweet from Entangled Publishing. Deal snagged.

The other way to get a deal on a book is The Lucky Break. It seems like there’s always someone, somewhere on Twitter giving away a free book. That’s “free” as in, like, actually free, i.e. no money. Entering a giveaway is usually as simple as retweeting, entering your email address in a raffle. Some giveaways may require you to have an account on Goodreads or Facebook. The very first giveaway I entered won me an ARC of The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence. A few days later, I had the book in my hot little hands.

If you look, Dollar Read$ aren’t all that hard to find. And all you need to snag one is a buck and some luck. Oh, and a Twitter account.


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