Something New Every Day

encyclopedias in sequential order

All is in order.

Wherein a lesson is promptly learned…

Less than two days into my challenge and I’ve already learned a valuable lesson about bargain book shopping: I’m going to have to let go of my need to read series in order.

I realize that may seem like a small thing but I’ve always been borderline fanatical about reading series in strict chronological order. Even if the author of the series assures readers that the books can be read in any order, I disregard that completely.

There have been a few exceptions in instances where I never intended to read the full series, but was curious enough about the story to “take a peek,” as it were. (Usually that has happened when both of my sisters have read the same books and talked about them incessantly, piquing my curiosity.) Otherwise, I have remained quite slavishly devoted to the sequential order of books.

But shopping for Dollar Read$ is pretty much a pot luck affair. (Yeah, I know, I’m deliberately avoiding the “…like a box of chocolates…” reference.) So I have to ask myself: Am I willing to walk away from a potentially entertaining One Dollar read just because it’s not the first book in its series? The answer is, no. Of course not.

So, for the duration of my Dollar Read$ Challenge I will be jumping headlong into any series that strikes my fancy, wherever I might land; be it Book #1, Book #5 or, (egad!) Book #10. Though I must admit, it won’t be easy.


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