Dollar Book Haul #1

five books

Dollar Book Haul #1

Wherein each book was purchased for One Dollar (plus sales tax)…

Since my Dollar Read$ journey began at The Dollar Tree, I thought that would be a good place to start my bargain book hunt. And, boy, was I right. Here’s what I picked up:

Fathomless by Jackson Pearce, Publisher: Little Brown, List Price: $17.99

I’m not the biggest YA fan but I do know that my Dollar Read$ Challenge means I’ll have to keep an open mind when selecting books. I picked this one up for two reasons: 1) plain ol’ name recognition. I remember reading about this book online a while back, and 2) I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about mermaids. And mermaids are cool.

Syndrome E by Franck Thilliez, Publisher: Viking, List Price: $26.95

For a while I’ve wanted to make an effort to read more books by foreign authors (Mr. Thilliez is French.) The fact that I am a (stereo)typical monolingual American necessarily limits my reading selections. But translations abound and, it turns out, that even while shopping at the dollar store I am able to broaden my literary horizons. And the premise of this story sounds pretty interesting.

The Silent Oligarch by Chris Morgan Jones, Publisher: Penguin, List Price: $25.95

So…my mom has this serious thing for conspiracy thrillers. I mean, she really digs them. So I decided to see what all the hubbub was about. At 312 pages, this won’t represent too much of an investment of my time for me to indulge my curiosity.

The Technologists by Matthew Pearl, Publisher: Random House, List Price: $26.00

I went to the bookstore some time ago and actually held this book in. my. hands. I came seriously close to buying this book. Imagine how upset you’d be to pay full price for a book then find it later for One Dollar. Now double whatever you’re imagining and you’ll be close to imagining how upset I would be. So at the bargain price of One Dollar I, of course, had to snap it up.

The Twelve by Justin Cronin, Publisher: Ballantine, List Price: $28.00

I mostly picked up this book for my mother. She and my sister both read and really enjoyed the first book in this series, The Passage (which I started but, admittedly, never finished.) Perhaps I’ll actually make it through a reading of The Twelve. And if not, hey, I’m sure my mom will enjoy it.

Now for the cold, hard, numbers. Total retail price for these five books is a whopping $124.89. “Ouch!” (That was my wallet talking.) I paid $5.00, plus sales tax. That’s a total savings of $119.89. In the words of Joey Tribbiani, “Oh mommy, oh daddy, I am a big ol’ baddie!” (Yeah, that’s really a lot funnier with the dance but, you get the gist.)


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